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Swedish songstress, music producer and songwriter Angelica Mava unlocks a world that intuitively reminds you of the modern pop girl aura until you press play and find that the musical backbone is made of roots reggae - being equally influenced by Bob Marley and Madonna. She has released two self-written/self-produced albums, performed at reggae festivals like Öland Roots  and opened for Kabaka Pyramid.


Born in Stockholm, Sweden Angelica Mava started performing on stage as a six year old, then as a dancer, followed by competing in singing contests from the age of eight. Although she has always known that her heart blooms for singing and dancing, Angelica holds several positions. Singer, music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and dancer are the main ones. Everything is being done independently and released under her own label Angelic Records.

Throughout 2023, while putting together her first international album (first album in English) Angelica Mava will be dropping singles with visuals and perform with her live band and her dancers.

In 2021 she released her debut album Anonym under her own label Angelic Records, which was well received by the Swedish reggae scene. One of its singles "Brandman" undoubtedly became the signature song for this project. Angelica's second self-produced, -written and -mixed album "Ur Askan i Elden" came out summer 2022, with singles like "En hand upp" and "Elden". This time without features, letting her own voice fall into different characters and explore every part of her instrument.

Blending influences from roots reggae that led off in elementary school with her penchant for pop music and bombastic live shows, the equation equals a new take on the two, maintaining the root of the reggae genre and creating a new sound simultaneously. Bringing reggae to the pop scene, bridging the gap.



Angelic Records



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